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Frances Lauper: owner and lead photographer for Lauper Photography LLC


In 1996, following my studies in media productions, with a focus on photography,
I began my career in the photography industry in Minneapolis, MN assisting both a commercial photography and a wedding photography studio. Working in such a broad range within the field exposed me to many different facets of photography that I still incorporate into my photography sessions today.


In 2000, I embarked on a personal adventure, leading me to Switzerland where I continued
my photography career for four years. In Switzerland, I began to shoot photography under
my own name and studio, focusing on wedding and portrait photography.


2004 led me back to my roots here in the West Central area of Wisconsin where I continued
my career by opening Lauper Photography LLC, a wedding and portraiture photography studio.
My unique history within the photography career allows me to bring a fresh and unique approach
to all of my work.


My goal as a photographer has always been to, not only capture my subject's physical likeness
in an image, but more importantly to capture their true personality and character.


Most recently, I have had the opportunity to expand my photography endeavours by beginning
my career in Equine sports photography. The highlight of this new branch of my studio to date had been the fortunate opportunity to photograph for a client at the Pebble Beach Equestrian Classic
in California. Having a true love of horses and also growing up on a horse ranch enables me to
anticipate that key moment where the magic of the horse and rider partnership are ideal.